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About us


We aim at perfection in everything, though in most things it is unattainable. However, because we aim at it, we come much nearer than those who give it up as unattainable. Here are some of the brands we’ve worked on that keeps our focus on perfection.

Meet Our Team


General Manager

Not only does Sahara manage the studio, she literarily does it all. An alchemist of great taste and spontaneous ideas, Sahara fuses ideas and efficiency into practicality. “I really don’t mind the rush!” – she says.


Creative Director

Laolu drives the creative standards of the studio. A creative in every sense of the word, Laolu strives to surprise even himself. With over 10 years agency experience, ‘Laolu believes that the “extra” always makes the difference.


Creative Head: Activate

Having spent his career developing unique solutions to clients need, Aimuan’s 7 years experience in experiential marketing has birthed a new dimension to Levitate’s structure ushering us into the social marketing sphere.


New Business

Chawuko is one die hard creative entrepreneur with a passion that makes him the go to guy for high profile projects. With over 8 years agency experience, Choco as he is popularly called believes as creatives, we are only as good as our last job.


Studio Head / Web Development


Art Director

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